If I had to guess, I would say you're either the visionary (the one who has the big plans and ideas for growth), or the person responsible for the deliverables (aka the one who gets things done) in your business. Maybe, just maybe, you're some magical combination of both 🙌🏾, I know many entrepreneurs have to be. A lot of times, talking about your business and talking about your offer may not be the easiest thing to do 👀 especially when it comes to sales/pitching. Do you ever feel like you're talking too much or like you don't know what to say? Here's the test: if you aren't saying the same thing every time, your pitch could use some help. Your elevator pitch should be effortless and flow off your tongue as easily as the words to your favorite song.


In just three days, after successfully completely the 3 Day Elevator Pitch Intensive, you will be able to recite your pitch like your favorite song; you will be able to deliver your pitch with more confidence and I'm sure we both will agree that you will be better than you were before! Go ahead and secure your spot in the 3DEPI by making the purchase and entering your email address on the next page following your purchase. It's a 2-step process.


In case you're intrested to know, here's what to expect:

1️⃣ Day 1 - Watch the video lesson about how to draft your elevator pitch.

2️⃣ Day 2 - Draft your elevator pitch and email it to me.

3️⃣ Day 3 - Practice pitch with me LIVE! I'll coach you, give feedback, and help you make the tweaks necessary to execute a flawless elevator pitch. This may be private or in a small group setting, depending on our schedules. However, it will be LIVE and you will get REAL coaching. Practice pitch sessions last 60 mins on average. You will leave knowing you're good to go! 


Money back guarantee

If for whatever reason you aren't feeling it, email me on Day 1 for a full refund. Boom. Done.






Okay, you've read to the very bottom. Stop procrastinating. It's time do it. Trust me, this is what I do. 😎-KFC

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[3DEPI] Three Day Elevator Pitch Intensive