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LaKeshia Orr Virtual Assistant

...because good help shouldn't be hard to find.

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"How To Outsource When You're A Control Freak."


Maybe it’s just me, but I have always been skeptical and hesitant to involve myself in your run of the mill ‘work from home opportunity’. Therefore, I knew I had to create my own. I decided to position myself as a virtual assistant. The goal quickly evolved into creating a company that would soon become the best, legitimate work from home position, with a company culture that will rival any of the names on the best places to work list. It’s a bold, lofty goal, sure. But if you’ve read all about me, then you know — what I speak comes to fruition. I have a champion mentality with the work ethic to match. 


In the words of my favorite music artist Bruno Mars: don’t believe me, just watch!


While Virtual Assistants often take on administrative tasks, you can trust me to handle a number of things, ranging from sales to social media.

When decide to work with me, you'll end up with more time to focus on accomplishing the things that will grow your business and your bottom line. 

Think of a repetitive routine that you can write down & outline steps with clear instructions. Now, hand it over to me to do for you.

How much time did you just buy back for yourself? 

Services are custom-tailored to the individual needs of each LOVA client.

Click the button below for an overview of the services provided. After that, schedule a chat and let's do something dope together!


Ask me anything. Schedule a free Ten Talk with me and ask me any question.

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Ready to work together? Let's Chat. You can schedule a phone or a video chat with me directly. 

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