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Born in Compton; raised in Watts; refined at HOWARD UNIVERSITY. That’s the quick one-liner summary that you’ll find in my Instagram bio. But there is so much more to the story beyond that and since I get to use a few more characters here, I can tell you more about me (see what I did there, this is the about me page *wink*).


I am stubborn about my goals! I want what I want, and if it’s not what I want then I don’t want it. I know, that read like a mini tongue-twister, but it’s my truth. Once I make up my mind and set my sights on a goal, nothing short of accomplishing it will do. There is no next best thing for me. For instance, when it was time to start applying for colleges, I decided that I wanted to go to an illustrious HBCU. So I set my sights on HOWARD UNIVERSITY - The Real HU. I knew I was a Bison. Nothing else would suit me. I told myself, and anyone who would listen, that if I didn’t get into Howard, I wasn’t going to college! Instead, I would become a flight attendant and travel the world. Luckily for all of us, I got in! 


The nomadic spirit still lingered within. After I left Washington, DC I moved to San Jose, CA, New York, Chicago, and San Diego, CA within 5 years by my lonesome. My professional background in sales, sales training and Real Estate made it easy to find a job in any state I traveled to.

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