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In just 3 days I can help you gain the confidence to pitch your product or service to anyone, anywhere with high chances of actually getting them to listen to you & wanting to pay the invoice TODAY.


I’m not even kidding.


Ever 👀 wonder how some entrepreneurs command the room and seemingly get everyone interested in what they have to say or offer?


If entrepreneurs don’t get their products or services considered after pitching themselves in an email proposal or sales conversation, chances are, they’re doing it wrong.


Here are some common mistakes I’ve seen:


















Look, I get it!


The thought of talking to someone you’ve never met causes butterflies in the pit of your stomach and sweat in places you don’t want to mention.


But it doesn’t have to be like that. 🥴


My 3DEPI - 3 Day Elevator Pitch Intensive - will help you:


Perfect your elevator pitch in 3 days. It’s a combination of both recorded video lesson & LIVE practice pitch session in a small group setting. Because there’s so much dialog and coaching, it HAS to be small and limited spots. Please sign up and secure your spot, you'll be glad you did. This could be the first step in reaching a new level. If nothing else, do it for your growth.

❌ Mistake #1

is delivering the same thing, the same way, to everyone instead of customizing it

    ✨ When you should systematically tailor your pitch to EXACTLY who you’re engaging with at any given moment (I know, sounds counterintuitive, but trust me it can be done on autopilot with the right framework)


❌ Mistake #2


is you don't even want to make the ask because of the risk of sounding sales-y

❌ Mistake #3

is putting on the “professional” persona you THINK you should have versus being authentic to your personality

    ✨ When REALLY the key is to make it sound and feel like a simple conversation, rather than a sales pitch while

    ✨ Being authentic to your actual personality and communication style even if

    ✨ You are pitching to customers, clients, or corporations; this can work for you

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